Documents & Studies

800 Sylvan Avenue Information

Minutes of the August 10 meeting of the Planning Board re; 800 Sylvan Avenue application

Minutes of the Planning Board at which the 800 Sylvan Avenue application was denied

Minutes of the November 8 2017 meeting of the Planning Board at which the Resolution Denying the Application was formalized

November 17 Letter to Borough Counsel on Intent to Intervene

Expert Witness Motion to Intervene

Mayor’s Letter to Residents

Planning Board Minutes August 10, 2017

Transcript July 26,2017 Hearing Normandy Real Estate Partners 800 Sylvan Avenue

11-29-2017 Englewood Cliffs AH-800 Sylvan Avenue LLC – Motion to Intervene

Planning Board resolution denying 800 Sylvan Avenue Application 

Important Documents

2016 Guida Report Findings

2016 Guida Report on Penalties

Mura Settlement Agreement

Important Studies:

B-3 Maser Consulting Rehabilitation Plan 7-13-17